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The board that makes it ALL! NOVA All Water 2024/2025

Nova Allwater is an ultimate all-round board for those seeking stability and seamless glide on all water surfaces. Perfect for beginners, recreational paddlers, and whitewater racers.

About the board

From the sea through lakes to rivers – this all-round board will give you the feeling of an easy and fun ride. Simply your partner for all water adventures. The woven drop-stich technology gives the board an outstanding durability, perfect glide, and a super lightweight paddling experience. With its 10'4" x 32.5" x 4.5" size, you will enjoy a perfect balance between maneuverability and forward glide.


  • Stable yet fast: A comfortable 32.5-inch width ensures stability without compromising on agility.

  • Lightweight maneuverability: The All Water is crafted from premium woven dropstich which is exceptionally light, demanding less effort for more enjoyable paddling.

  • Effortless turns: Responsive handling for smooth and easy maneuvering on the water.


Length: 10'4"

Width: 32.5"

Thickness: 4.5"

Weight: 7,5 kg

Recommended Rider Weight: 50-100 kg

Ideal for

  • Recreational Explorers: An all-around board for those seeking stability and seamless glide on flatwater.

  • Whitewater racers: Designed for experienced paddlers, ready for races on whitewater.

What does it have?

●      Cargo net

●      3 holders

●      Diamond-shaped EVA

●      3 Fixed fins

●      Traction pad

Why the Nova All Water?

●      Stability

●      Effortless Glide

●      Lightweight

●      Maneuverability

●      Easy to transport

What is in the box?

●      Board

●      Repair kit

●      2 Fins

●      Screw


What is not in the box?

The leash, pump, and bag are not included. We design boards, not accessories. If you need them, please let us know, and we are happy to get you great quality ones from our partner. We can ship it in one package.


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